November 29, 2023

Benefits of a Homebirth

Are you considering having a homebirth? Expecting moms who have low-risk pregnancies are eligible to give birth at home. While there are many benefits to having a home birth, we wanted to touch on the main points with this blog post. 

Comfortable in Your Own Home

We think that most people would agree that they feel the most comfortable in their own home, and comfortability goes a long way when you’re in labor. During labor, you will feel intense emotions and physical sensations that can make it hard to relax and soften your muscles, but if you are comfortable, you will find it easier to cope with. 

The more comfortable you are in the physical setting, the more relaxed you will be in your mind and body. You are able to bring your baby into a peaceful environment right into their new home outside the womb. Feeling at-home is so important in fact, that our birthing rooms at the birth center were designed to help you feel like you're at a home away from home. 

You Don’t Have to Leave 

Anyone who has had to ride in a car during labor will tell you that it is incredibly uncomfortable. You may not notice all of the bumps and dips during your everyday driving, but it will seem like you can feel each little pebble that you drive over while in labor. 

Women who have planned home births are able to labor at home, have the midwives and birth team come to them when it’s time, and then get to soak in all those beautiful moments after birth without having to worry about when it’s time to leave. You can stay home and spend that time with your newborn resting and bonding. 

Clean Up is a Breeze

If you are worried about the mess that giving birth at home can cause, think again. Our midwives will clean up any mess from the birth and you don’t have to think twice about it. After giving birth, the midwives will stay with you for a few hours to ensure that your family is off to a good start. During this time, they will: 

  • Check on your bleeding and ensure you are not hemorrhaging
  • Assess the mother and suture tears
  • Evaluate your newborn 
  • Make sure you are able to urinate and help you into the shower to clean up
  • Assist with breastfeeding if needed
  • Change the linens and put them in the washer 
  • Help prepare a nourishing meal to replenish the energy and calories burned from labor

After the midwives have left, you will still be able to call them should you need their assistance. A couple of days after the birth, a midwife will come by your house to do a home visit and ensure you and the baby are still healthy and see if you have any follow up questions. You will have another appointment at the two-week and six-week mark at the birth center. 

Are Home Births Safe?

Studies have shown that home births are in fact safe when done with the assistance of midwives so long as the mother is healthy and has a low-risk pregnancy. In the event of an emergency, we have back up plans to transfer you safely to the hospital. 

Women who are not candidates for home birth are those who have:

  • High-risk pregnancies
  • Twins or multiples
  • The baby is in a breech position
  • The mother has hypertension
  • The mother has had more than one c-section

If you are interested in having a home birth and want to learn more, schedule a consultation with our midwives today!

Dakota Collins
Dakota Collins is a freelance writer and stay-at-home mother of two precious little girls who is passionate about freedom in pregnancy and childbirth.
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